About me

Susanna_Safrany_portrait_06092016_website_2My journey to photography started at the age of 16 when I went out to shoot with my parents’ 35mm film camera and spent all my pocket money on film development. Despite my early enthusiasm I did not chose photography as my profession. In addition to my interest in visual arts, I loved to do media, and that love took over. I jumped into media management and ended up with a media and advertising carreer. At that time I did shoot only for the memory box.

In 2014 my husband and me decided to move from Europe to California, so I gave up my fast-paced urban lifestyle. We already knew that our family is about to grow soon. A few months after our son was born I felt again the urge to start something new. This was the point when I realized that I want to do, I need to do photography, and nothing else.

I am excited and happy that I made this step. Finally I can do what I love. I am really greatful to my fantastic husband who believed in me from the very beginning. Hereby I am thanking him and my son for both of their patience and loving support.